Indio CA Rugs Cleaning – Two Tips

Written by Cathy on November 15, 2014

When people get sick, they often blame the illness that they have contracted on their job, people they have come into contact with, or simply because it’s cold outside. They never think that it has anything to do with their home. In reality, many people they get sick are unhealthy because they do not clean their house on a regular basis. They may wipe down the counters, clean the bathroom, but one thing they may never clean are their rugs. Here are two tips on how to keep your rugs clean so that you and your family can be healthier this year.


Why You Should Clean Your Rugs

There are several reasons why you should have your rugs vacuumed and professionally cleaned on a regular basis. When you vacuum, you are extracting dust and pollen from the fibers which will help those that have asthma or allergies. When you do a steam clean, even if you do this with one that you own or one that you rent from the grocery store, you are still going to get out things like spores, dust mites, and many other small particulates that you really don’t want to breathe. However, to get rid of serious things like bacteria, viruses, and spores from mold that may actually be in your rugs, you need to have a professional come out to do the cleaning with special solutions are chemicals that can get all of these contaminants out that can be causing people to get sick.
Two Tips On Cleaning Your Rugs
To make sure viruses, bacteria, dust mites, and every other form of particulate matter that can lodge in your carpet fibers is eliminated, first you have to vacuum on a regular basis, and then to make sure that anything that can cause an illness is removed regularly by a professional carpet cleaner that has the best possible equipment and solutions so that all of the viruses and bacteria are extracted, preventing them from becoming airborne, which can lead to people developing the flu or other illnesses throughout the year.

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