New Rug Padding

New Rug Padding

Padding is highly recommended for all rugs utilized on hard surface areas, high traffic areas, and rugs with heavy household furniture on them such as tables, beds, and desks. Adding a rug pad to your flooring is not just about the plush new feel it presents to your rug, but it also serves as a sturdy foundation making them stronger, boosting their durability and prolonging the life of your rug.
Magic Rug Cleaners offers the industries best when it comes to rug padding! We use Dura Hold, No-Mov Rug Padding which is Made in the USA, and referred to as the “Finest Padding Ever Made For Any Area Rug For Any Hard Surface.” For product information visit their Website.
This quality of pad significantly helps by keeping the rug from buckling and slipping, minimizing pesky slippage from creases on rugs. Pads also act as shock absorbents so that the foot traffic causes less wear and tear on the face fibers, and will help prevent heavy furniture from crushing the fibers on hard surface flooring. They even improving your vacuuming experience! Rug pads literally help the rug live longer and stay in top-notch condition.
Our professionals custom cut each pad to fit the specifications of each individual rug. You’ll notice perks beyond the brand new strength of your rug. You’ll enjoy walking on your rug more thanks to the padding giving it a soft, cushion-like feel. If your in need of dependable and highly affordable rug padding services, and you’re passionate about keeping your lovely rug in superior condition, quit wasting time… Give Magic Rug Cleaners a Call!
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