5 Signs it’s Time for a Rug Repair

A rug is a great way to warm up a room, blend colors, and add style and texture to any space. Plus, there are thousands of options available to fit every budget and match your home’s unique decor to a tee.

An elegant Oriental rug can liven up dull, drab walls and breathe beauty into the most basic abodes.

With the right care, one of these antique floor coverings can last a lifetime.

Even if you think your favorite floor furnishing has seen better days, you may be able to salvage it yet. With professional rug repair, you just might find that your less-than-perfect carpet has a lot of life left.

The trick to keeping an antique rug looking great is knowing what to look for and knowing when to seek professional help. Read on to learn the 5 tell-tale signs that you need a rug doctor, now!

The Timeless Beauty of Ancient Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are built to last. In fact, many of these rugs are so well made that it’s not unusual for one to last a lifetime (or longer!). 

Their enduring beauty is just one of the reasons that Oriental rugs continue to amaze and inspire modern-day carpet designers across the globe.

The oldest Oriental rug known to exist is a stunning tapestry of artwork hauled from an ancient royal tomb in Siberia, Russia. This now world-famous masterpiece dates back an astonishing 2,500 years, historians claim.

But, what if your Oriental rug doesn’t seem to be faring as well as some of its ancient ancestors? What then?

Is Your Rug Sending Out an SOS? 3 Signs to Watch For Rug Repair

It’s unlikely that one of the ancient beauties would ever fall apart overnight. But, if you don’t know the signs to watch for, your rug could very well be falling apart in front of your very eyes.

Here are three signs that your Oriental treasure just might need professional rug rehab.

1. Your Carpet is Covered in Stains

While every carpet must withstand a spill or smudge from time to time, heavily stained carpet is in a league of its own.

If your carpet is covered in hardened, thick stains that won’t come off, even with soap and water, it could be a sign of major trouble. 

Rugs can hide a lot of dirt and grime. When stains start to become unsightly, you’ve probably got a filthy rug on your hands.

Stains should be removed immediately to avoid setting in. Once rug stains claim your carpet as their permanent residence, it’s time to call in the pros.

2. Your Rug Shows Obvious Signs of Wear & Tear

If you notice areas that are beginning to appear threadbare, you shouldn’t wait any longer to call a rug repairman.

Once a rug begins to unravel, or show serious signs of wear and tear, consider it a sure sign your rug needs help, and fast.

3. Fringe Damage

Sometimes, your rug might look alright until you reach its edges. That’s where you’ll notice signs of damaged or lost fringe.

Fringe damage can escalate quickly. That’s why it’s important to call an expert as soon as you notice the first signs that your rug’s fringe is starting to fray.

Call the Rug Repair Experts Before It’s Too Late!

If your Oriental rug has been around for hundreds of years, you certainly don’t want to be the one who’s responsible for its demise!

Just because Oriental rugs never go out of style doesn’t mean that they don’t require your attention. Their timeless beauty will only last if you’re willing to put in some work over the years.

Think your beloved carpet might be headed for trouble?

Call our rug repair experts to restore your Oriental rug today!