How to Maintain and Care for Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs have long been associated with class and elegance, and can often be handed down through the generations. They are an old-world tradition that is still practiced today in much the same way as it was in the beginning. The oldest known Oriental rug, known as the Pazyryk rug, dates back to the 5th Century BCE.

All of this grabs your interest and you buy one, partially for investment and partially to class up your living space. You get it to put down just right, and you and your family are really happy with it. Some time has past and you notice the fringe looks a bit tangled, and perhaps one area looks a bit more matted down than it should, maybe you even notice a small stain.

What now, how do you clean an oriental rug? Well, you are in luck. Read on for a guide on how to maintain and care for your oriental rugs!

Regular Rotation

Experts recommend rotating your oriental rugs every other month or so, especially if the rug is in high-traffic areas. This will give you wear that is more evenly distributed. With regular vacuuming and grooming, an evenly distributed wear pattern helps with both appearance and value.

Flipping the Rug

One part of rug maintenance is keeping the fringes on your oriental rug as straight as possible. A simple way to do this is to flip the rug end over end to allow for a more natural straightening process. When you do this, it’s also recommended to shake out the rug to help with the fringe.

Keep Out of Sunlight

The dyes used to color oriental rugs, while beautiful, fade in the sun. The fade could be quite dramatic, so it is imperative to keep sunlight off the run as much as possible. If you can’t always keep it out of the sunlight, rotating the rug often can help keep the fade more uniform.

Spot Cleaning

For best results, get to the stain as quickly as possible! Using common household cleaners or harsh chemicals can damage the fibers of the rug. Remember to never scrub at the stain as that may cause matting of the fiber.

Warm water is best to gently clean the stain. Use a clean dish towel to pat away the moisture and hopefully the stain itself. If this does not work, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes a professional rug cleaning and rug repair are your only options to get your rug back into service. When you get a run in the fibers, or worse, your pets leave an offering of some sort on the rug, call your local rug professionals to rid the carpet of the offending stain. This would also be a great time to take care of any rug maintenance you can’t do at home!

Care and Maintenance for Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs need careful maintenance to keep their beauty and value in your home. The rug can easily become a family heirloom with just a little work! A simple schedule of when to rotate the rug, along with normal vacuuming and grooming will keep your rug looking gorgeous for many years.

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