Keep Calm and Magic On

Have you had a spill on your rug recently? Hopefully it was not red wine! Perhaps your lovable fido tracked mud all over that precious rug? Or your daughter got creative with some markers and treated your beautiful area rug like her blank canvas?

Whatever your rug emergency may be, there is no need to panic. Our team at Magic Carpet Cleaners take tremendous pride in helping restore your rug to its beauty like it’s the first day you brought it home!

Our process is thorough and pain free. We start with a complete inspection of your rug. After identifying potential stains or spots that need more attention we move to the Dry Soil removal process.  This eliminates much of the dirt and grime you can see with the naked eye- but we’re not done yet!  We move on to the pre-spray and decontamination bath to wash away all the odor causing contaminants and kill any potential hazards lurking in your rug. 

Finally we hand wash each rug and rise with water.  After it dries, we inspect each rug as if it were our own. And if we find any persistent stains we go back through our process to ensure we get each rug back to its original, beautiful look.

So no matter what may have happened to your beautiful area rug, keep calm and let the professionals here at Magic Carpet Cleaners do the dirty work!  

We’ll even pick it up and deliver it back to you!