4 Easy Ways to Know if Your Rug Needs some TLC (Tender Loving CLEANING)

Area rugs can be a beautiful thing and add tremendous flavor and flair to a room. However, the truth is these rugs were designed to be walked on, run over and have chairs sitting on them.  The right area rug can change the entire feel of a room. But the reality is, after a while we begin to take these rugs for granted. People rarely notice the dirt, grime and allergens that get trapped day and in day out in our rugs. 

Unless an unfortunate spill or pet accident occurs, It can be hard to know if your rug needs a cleaning! Fear not! Here are four easy ways to check of you beloved rug needs some TLC(tender loving CLEANING):

  • The Smell Test: You know, your spouse knows it, even your guests can smell it but you just can’t seem to identify the source of that lingering wet dog scent (or generally unpleasant odor) in your home? Get up close and personal with your rug and see if it’s the culprit. If so, it’s time to call in the cleaning pros.
  • The Rub Test: This one’s super easy and comes from our friends at Home Depot. They recommend rubbing your palm on a carpet in a circular motion for 10 seconds. If your hand is dirty after, your carpet needs some TLC.
  • The Allergy Test: No one likes allergies but almost everyone deals with them! If your allergies are being particularly troublesome, even after you’ve vacuumed and dusted, it could be a sign that allergens are hiding deep down in your area rugs.
  • The Scrub Test: Grab a brush and some soapy water, then gently scrub a high-traffic area of your rug. If your brush comes away dirty and/or the spot you cleaned is a different color than the rest of the rug, it’s time to schedule a pick up!

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