Rug vs Allergies: How to beat Spring Cleaning Allergens

Spring is almost here! With all those beautiful flowers blooming and birds chirping also comes the dreaded allergy season.  No one likes allergies, but fear not, we can help your home be a safe haven, free of allergens.

Rugs, while beautiful and delightful, can quickly become home to dust, dander and allergens that get trapped in the rug itself.  This is even more true of homes with little furry friends. We all love fido but he is tracking in all manner of allergens and they may be getting caught in your beautiful rugs!  Evan our feline friends are no exception to bringing in allergens and dander that can cause homeowners a host of allergies.

Beyond the typical build up in rugs that can cause allergic reactions, extreme dust can build up in your rugs that can house parasites and other hazards that can cause bacteria to grow!

No one wants bacteria growing in their lovely rugs! 

If you have not had your rugs professionally cleaned in the last year, now is a great time to prepare for allergy season by scheduling a rug cleaning with us. We’ll even pick them up and deliver them back to you! 

Don’t let allergy season win this year!